Slovak Boxlacrosse League Starts

We are happy to announce that in only a month inaugural season of Slovak Boxlacrosse League will beggin! Into first annual, 5 teams confirmed their attendance: home Bratislava Bats, Skalica Chiefs and Trnava Sabers along with Vienna Monarchs and Polish Eagles. First game is scheduled to take place on 1st of

Slovakia Lacrosse cup is waiting for the team

The Slovak Lacrosse Team is preparing for the European Championships in Poland, which will take place next summer and will participate in the Slovakia Lacrosse Cup organized by the Slovak Lacrosse Federation. The tournament will take place 9–10. November on the field hockey field in Rača from 9:00 and the tournament

Another success for Tricksters Bratislava

The Lacrosse Club Tricksters Bratislava had another successful appearance on international grounds when it became the first ever lacrosse tournament winner with the Olympic rules. The tournament took place in Vienna and was attended by 4 teams. Domestic rulers from Vienna, Budapest, Mix team under the auspices of KAC and Tricksters

Slovakia 13. in Boxlacrosse in the World

During 19–28th of September World Boxlacrosse Championship was being held in Langley, Canada. National teams were dividied into four groups. In elite Blue group you could see national teams of Canada, Iroqua nation, United states, Izrael and England. In Yellow group were Ireland, Serbia, Switzerland, Netherlands and Hong Kong. In