Current champion defeated

The boys from the Zvolen Punisher team were in charge of the second round. Game was being played on SOŠ Technická, Jána Švermu 1 in Zvolen.

At the beginning, the Skalický Chiefs opposed the Bratislava Bats.

There were a lot of actions on both sides in the match, but the Skalica used them a bit better and they had the whole match under control, so at the end of the match they were happy with the victory.

Skalica Chiefs 9: 4 Bratislava Bats

The next match was played by the home team Zvolen Punishers against the challenger Bratislava Tricksters. The visiting team took the lead from the very beginning and directed the whole match.

Zvolen Punishers 1:13 Bratislava Tricksters