2021 Season of SLL has begun

After a long forced break, we were able to start our league again.

It was clear from the matches that the players lacked lacrosse and wanted to enjoy it to the fullest after a long time.

The first round of SLL was organized by the Bratislava Tricksters team and was played on the ŠK Krašnany field.

The home team Bratislava Trickster played against the first match against the away team Skalica Chiefs. The whole time was a match at a high pace, where it was played from side to side, but in the end the home team Bratislava Trickster enjoyed more.

Bratislava Trickster 8: 6 Skalica Chiefs

In the second match, the players of Bratislava Bats competed against Zvolen Punishers.

The boys from Zvolen, unfortunately, marked this match, and they started in a truncated line-up even with newcomers in time. The match was at a lukewarm pace so it had a lot of wonderful action. Above all, in this match, the goalkeepers showed up, who performed a number of perfect interventions.

Bratislava Bats 7: 0 Zvolen Punishers