2021 Season of SLL has begun

After a long forced break, we were able to start our league again. It was clear from the matches that the players lacked lacrosse and wanted to enjoy it to the fullest after a long time. The first round of SLL was organized by the Bratislava Tricksters team and was

Current champion defeated

The boys from the Zvolen Punisher team were in charge of the second round. Game was being played on SOŠ Technická, Jána Švermu 1 in Zvolen. At the beginning, the Skalický Chiefs opposed the Bratislava Bats. There were a lot of actions on both sides in the match, but the

Bratislava Bats champions of SLL

2020 1st semifinal Bratislava Tricksters 9: 4 Zvolen Punishers The match was very tactical and everyone was waiting for the opponent’s mistake. The match was dominated mainly by the goalkeepers, who corrected the mistakes of their teammates, as evidenced by the score. The match showed the experience of the team

The last round of the main season of SLL

The Tricksters match against the Bats started with a delay, because the Bats players were still waiting from behind the Morava River. As if the players of Tricksters were upset and he didn’t enter the match well. Bats took the lead 3-0 and controlled the game. The tricksters were looking