About us

Slovak Lacrosse federation (SLF) is civic organization, registered at the ministry of Interior under number 1-900/90-22509, which was founded on the 24th of October 2003.

SLF is full member of the European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) and full member of World Lacrosse (WL), which rules and decisions are directive for SLF and must be respected by all members. In SLF are lacrosse clubs and entities who showing an interest in the developing of lacrosse in Slovakia.

SLF’s mission is to provide all-round care for the development of lacrosse in Slovakia, to create conditions for its development . The term “lacrosse” are meaning these following sports:

  • Intercrosse
  • Field lacrosse
  • Box lacrosse
  • Sixes lacrosse
  • Women’s lacrosse
  • and all its analogues and imitations derived from the original Native American lacrosse Bagattaway

Basic information about SLF

Title: Slovak Lacrosse Federation
Location:  Jarabinkova 18878/6B, 82109, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
IČO:30 853 427

Members to 01.01.2014

Registered players: 209
Registered clubs: 5
Coaches: 6

Main activities of SLF

  • develops and approves the concept for the development of lacrosse in the Slovak Republic.
  • hereby established clubs in the Slovak Republic , including its material and technical assurance.
  • responsible and provides for state representation of the Slovak Republic and its international relations.
  • organizes international lacrosse competition
  • represents its members in international organizations.
  • Providing training coaches, referees and other specialized members,
  • supports the development of lacrosse in all categories of adults (men, women), children and youth.
  • approved the structure and contests, manage sports and technical activities and licensing issues, leap and disciplinary rules.

Organization structure

  • Congress
  • Executive committee headed by president
  • Inspector
  • Office
  • Authorities of SLF

supreme body of the SLF is Congress, which meets once a year.

Congress are:

  • Members of SLF
  • Clubs delegates

Congress is convene by the Executive Committee SLF.

Executive Committee (EC):

  • Headed by VV is president.
  • EC is a statutory body SLF.
  • EC has at least 3 members.
  • EC term is 4 years.


  • Inspection body.


  • Professional, executive and technical department of the Executive Committee.