LACROSSE is a team game, played on grass or artificial surfaces. In the game compete against each other those two teams, the fundamental objective of the game is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. In that players get the ball into the opponent’s goal , using special sticks – “lacrosse stick” . Each “lacrosse stick” is composed of two parts:

first part – stick, which can be made from any material, most commonly used aluminum, titanium, and of course wood. Length of “lacrosse stick” may be different. We have the classic “lacrosse stick” whose length is 90 cm (using forwards and midfielders) and then longsticks having a length up to 1.8 meters (for defenders)

second part – head, consists of a plastic frame and mesh (or leather with laces).

In lacrosse is allowed physical contact, which can help players either in defending or attacking. In the context of this rule, players are required to wear gear that protect them from If player commits a foul, a penalty is exclusion for a limited time.

Technical errors ( offside, holding, Interference, push from behind…) is punished by losing the ball or when the ball is in possession, penalty of 30 seconds. Personal fouls (slashing, tripping, cross checking… ) players are excluded fo 1 minute. In case of very bad foul for two or three minutes, possibly to the end of the match.

Regularity of the game supervising referees, who are on the field. Their mission is to watch the game in order to play in a spirit of fair play. Outside the board are timekeepers, clerk and of course health professionals.

Lacrosse history in Slovakia is pretty young. Lacrosse started “just” in 2003, when first lacrosse club Tricksters was founded

Men´s field lacrosse

Lacrosse is a contact game played by 10 players on a grassy field: goalie, three defenders, three midfielders and three attackers. The objective of the game is to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal. The team who will score more goals wins. It is played on a grassy field, comparable with the football (100 x 55 m). Players try using their lacrosse sticks to get the ball into the opponent’s goal.

Goal is similar to hockey, but its dimensions are 183 cm x 183 cm. In each team must remain the last four players (including) the keeper on their half and three attackers in their half of the field. Three midfielders move around the field (between the attack and defense). The game begins with “faceoff”. The ball is placed between the “lacrosse stick” crouch two players on the field. At the referee’s whistle starts play. Each player tries to get the ball. The players in the wing areas can run the ball as soon as they hear the whistle on faceoff. Other players have to wait for the line until someone obtain the ball or the ball itself does not pass through the goal area line . “Faceoff” from the middle of the field is done at the beginning of each period and after a goal.

Body-check is allowed if the player has control the ball or a maximum three meters from the loose ball. All physical contact must be done from the front of the body between the waist and shoulders with both hands on “lacrosse stick”. Into the opponent ‘lacrosse stick” can chop if loose ball 3 meters from the player, or in the air respectively. if a player has the ball in possession. Too tough encounters is not allowed and is considered infractions (illegal bodycheck). If the ball or a player who had possession of the ball crosses the line, the other team gets the ball. If the ball crosses the end line, gets the ball the player closest to the ball in time when it crossed the line. Attacking player can not enter the area around the goal (criss), but can use the “lacrosse stick” to regain a lost ball. Playing time is 4 x 20 minutes.


Box Lacrosse is the younger brother of field lacrosse. The name of Box lacrosse is clear that the main difference is the playing surface. It is played on a hockey rink, the goal is 145 x 122 cm and the number of players is five + goalkeeper. Substitution during games is not limited and recalls hockey substitution. In case of a tie, followed by 5 min extension until one of the teams is not shoot the winning goal (a system of “sudden death”). Attacking team must shoot the ball within 30 seconds from getting the ball in possession. If they not shot in 30 second time they loss the ball. If a team gains possession of the ball in their defensive half, is required within 10 seconds to pass the ball down to their attacking zone. If a team fails to comply with this time limit will be penalized by losing the ball in favor of the opponent.

Women´s lacrosse

Women’s lacrosse is a non-contact game played by 12 female players: a goalkeeper, five attackers and six defenders. The main objective of the game is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. Team to score more goals wins. The biggest difference between women’s and men’s lacrosse is that physical contact is forbidden and players do not wear any pads.Lacrosse stick is different design from the male, some toys still use traditional wooden lacrosse stick, others have plastic head with aluminum handle.

lacrosse head pocket is not as deep as a man’s lacrosse pocket. This means that it is very difficult for beginning women players to catch, throw and run the ball down the field. In the women’s lacrosse can be defended only player in ball possession. Chopping and body contact is not allowed. When the whistle blows all players must stop at the spot. When the ball comes off the field, ball is acquire to player, who is closer to the ball. Loss of the ball occurs only if the player will run or intentionally throws the ball off the line. Women’s lacrosse begins decided on the field. The ball is placed between two horizontally held lacrosse stick, the whistle of the referee throws the ball into the air and players will try to get it for themselves. This method is used for the decisive beginning of each half and after a goal. Playing time is 2 x 30 minutes.