Lacrosse season is starting

Already the seventh season of Slovak lacrosse league starts on Saturday, March of 12th at 10:00 in Bratislava’s dis­trict Raca. Organizer of this week is lacrosse club Tricksters. On the field hockey field (Jurkovičová 8) will be featured in three games five Slovakia and one Hungarian club. Gradually pit skills Bats

Mayors LAX Cup 2016

Last weekend 22 to 24 January in Prague part of South City played the sixth year Mayor’s LAX Cup in the past and also known as Winter Cup. For this tournament he has been invited by the Bratislava Bats by a few players from other teams playing in Slovakia. The team Bratislava Bats,

Tatra dumplings conquered Budapest

On 8–10.1 2016 in Budapest (Hungary) played already traditional winter fieldlakrosový tournament under the name of Budapest New Years Cup.Slovak lacrosse selection, fieldlakrosové preparing for Euro 2016, which will take place just in Budapest, within the National Friendly issued at the tournament to the southern neighbors. In the group stage, the